The Cape
Villa Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Turin

Art Rug Projects has collaborated with German artist Pia Krajewski on a commission for the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo collection. Art Rug Project “The Cape” is beautifully installed in Turin, Italy at the Re Rebaudengo residence, among exceptional artists such as Wolfang Tillmans, Cindy Sherman, Sarah Lucas, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and many more. The rug is handmade, hand knotted, and it’s production took 6 months. The natural fibres – wool and silk- work their magic, with 40 different hues of terracotta, and 3 different pile heights.

With its three-dimensionality, sculptural approach and textural references, the Art Rug work brings abstraction to life, though its subjects are not always decipherable at first glance. There is a “tension” between familiarity and foreignness of the shapes. The large scale of Pia Krajewski’s works captivates the viewer and transports them to a world where their sight can solely guide them to grasp and appreciate the subject matter. This unique format, where detail is highly visible, enhances the larger-than-life persona of her subjects.

Krajewski’s practice draws from a wide array of sources of inspiration, extrapolating details from architectural ornaments, fruit, armours, and hair, pushing its viewers to question what they are facing—disarming orientations and recognition with a playful approach to scale and nuances of monochromatic colour schemes.


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