The Inner Island – L’île intérieure
Fondation Carmignac, Villa Carmignac Porquerolles


Precious Nest

Pia Krajewki’s two new paintings, Untitled (Fruchtknoten) and Untitled (Ei), are part of the installation Precious Nest, produced for the group exhibition The Inner Island at the Fondation Carmignac, which runs through November 5th.

The installation marks a representative shift in the artist’s practice as the paintings are paired with a tactile element. Precious Nest is comprised of the two paintings installed to rest on top of floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall carpet work, which with terracotta hues and sinuous lines, evokes a painterly style of Krajewski’s previous work.

Together, both works highlight Krajewski’s playful and experimental ways of creating illusionistic, ambiguous pictorial spaces where familiar shapes are perceived through intuition. Playing and experimenting with various motifs, taking them apart, and condensing them to comforting honesty in its simplicity. The multiplicity of the meaning of an egg is echoed in the multiple mediums the artist uses to describe the shape, orchestrating interpretation and perception into a new configuration.


Text by Ludovica Colacino


L’île intérieure – The Inner Island
Curated by Jean-Marie Gallais


Fondation Carmignac
Villa Carmignac

Îles de Porquerolles


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Catalog: The Inner Island

Fondation Carmignac & Coedition Dilecta

Texts by Ryōko Sekiguchi, Jean-Marie Gallais and Yann Chateigné Tytelman

184 Pages
20,5 cm × 26 cm
Publication 2023

ISBN 978-2-37372-170-6 (english)
ISBN 978-2-37372-169-0 (français)


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